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I Have The Right To Choose What I Listen To

Someone's on a roll again. Sitting in front of a tv screen and component with a mic in hand. Feeling like an artist on a concert with the entire neighborhood as his audience.    -____-

Please don't impose your drunken voice on us. Paired with bad diction and questionable song choices, I really don't think anyone in this neighborhood is enjoying your performance.

Videoke / Karaoke is really one of my pet peeves. Especially those done within the neighborhood and take up all night. Have a little consideration. Some people need to sleep, or concentrate on their studies or work, or even simply keep up a conversation.

What you're doing is noise pollution. I'm not sure if there's a law in the Philippines regarding this (in the US people could actually complain to the police for any loud noises in the neighborhood), but we really should, because Filipinos love to sing and to impose their "beautiful" voices on everyone. Not that some aren't deserving of the praise, it's just that WE HAVE TO SLEEP! Your voice screeching Armageddon isn't exactly a lullaby.

And what more, that boom boom bass of your component is vibrating my very brain.

I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy screeching yourself senseless. By all means, do. I'm just saying to keep tabs on that volume control and maybe your wall clock too.

Have a nice concert.

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Arei Sahi said...

From what I know, noise beyond 10 p.m. is already considered to be a public nuisance. I sure hope other people know that too...or at least be considerate enough. (used to experience this when I was living in Pasay, folks in the neighboring lot seemed to celebrate birthdays every weekend, and to think I was at the 12th floor!)

Dawn Doneza said...

I don't they know because a lot of people seem to do it all the time. I experienced the same thing when I was in Pasig, there's always a celebration happening in our boarding house. :/

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