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Invitation and Souvenir Designs for Davin's Birthday

Davin's first birthday is coming up and we've been tasked by our sister to plan, prep and decorate the party. Among the tasks that fell into my lap are the designs for invitation and souvenirs.

The theme will be baby animals with the color scheme of green, yellow and orange.

This is the approved invitation design. This is only to be distributed on Facebook, although she hasn't posted this yet despite me having finished this a week ago.

I've made another design with a more pastel look, but they liked this one better.
For the souvenirs, preferably mugs or magnet, this is the design we went with. Although when they have decided to have mugs done after finding a supplier that fit their budget, I have to redo the design because the supplier said that a longer design is more preferable so as to utilize most of the printable space.

So this is how it turned out after editing. I've gotten rid of the duck and placed a picture of the celebrant instead. I kept the other animals in similar colors so as not to overwhelm the already colorful design.

Anyway, the mugs will be available for pickup this afternoon and I'm quite curious how that will turn out.

I will keep you posted. ;)

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