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Outlander Series

What the hell? I've just finished reading the 7th book of the Outlander Series which I've been raving about online and offline (online mostly on twitter and tumblr - I know, I have accounts everywhere which I don't even regularly update). The ending was rather unsatisfying, like - it's not even an ending. So after searching online for more info, I just found out that there is an 8th book coming out this June! o_O It's not done yet, much to my pleasure and dismay! The first book Outlander was published in the 90s and the 2nd book Dragonfly in Amber, which I actually have a hard copy of, looks so tattered that I thought this is an old set of very great stories. I was overjoyed with the fact that I found a good story in archives, like finding a hidden treasure. This feeling probably has something to do with another book, one I'll talk about later, which is basically about finding old books just hidden away and feeling sad for stories untold anymore.

Anyway, finding out about the upcoming book feels like A Song of Ice and Fire all over again where we have to wait endlessly for the next book to come out. Grrr GRR Martin, hurry up. ;)

A new book is a welcome idea though, as you may know if you've been a fan of book series. There's always grief involved in reading and finishing the last book, even if cherished characters survived the story.

The series is in historical fiction genre, and it is about a lady who traveled back in time after stepping into standing stones in Scotland. She landed at 17th century Scotland where Scots where trying to rise up against the English in order to sit a Scottish royal into the throne. Having been from the future, she knows how the events will unfold and tried with the help of a very handsome Highlander to stop the rebellion.

The other books though chronicles their voyage to the New World and set up their own place in the colonies. They even took part in the American Revolution (which isn't exactly my cup of tea - American history is not my thing).

What I love about Historical Fiction is that it is based on real facts, real history. So it's like reading a history textbook but more entertaining. And certain famous characters are given a more lifelike personification that we otherwise don't get to feel in textbooks. Like how a king poops in front of his attendants, or how friendly and idealistic a would-be-traitor is. But you do have to know the line between fiction and fact. Lol. But it's the fiction that makes the facts easier to remember. :)

And reading about history this way makes historical characters like friends. :) Like how we feel for Harry Potter or Daenerys. :D If you found out that there is an actual Harry Potter who did exactly some of the things you've read in the books, wouldn't you be totally amazed?! I know, most HP fans desperately wants the story to be real. Nyahaha. But that's what's good with historical fiction, you know they could be real. ^w~

You get to enjoy more things too, like museums or other era inspired books or movies. This happens to me a lot, like when the story in the Outlander Series was in the Caribbean after their long journey across the Atlantic, I was going gaga over Pirates (more than usual) because some of the places and details there are pretty much similar with the books. :) I could imagine Jamie and Claire while watching the movies. :)

Do you know that my sister theorizes that Hogwarts is in Scotland? (I know, she's crazier than I am) I used to think that it's impossible, although probable because of the factors she mentioned. But while reading the books situated in Scotland, it's just so weird thinking that a magical castle is standing there with shrieking children and beasts while the population unknowingly trod up and down the mountains, plowing their farms and shrieking warfare. Imagine Brave and Hogwarts in the same screen. Hehehe. Weird.

I'm just babbling here, don't mind me. Hehehe.

Anyway the series is being made into a TV series. They're filming right now and I'm ecstatic for it even though I'm not sure it will air in Asia. :( Haven't found another asian Outlander fan in twitter, so it's not like I could petition for it. (As if I will petition for it, I'll probably just ask the other fan to do it, nyaha)

Here's a teaser and a pic of our protagonists together. :D

I know this isn't exactly a review but I believe I've been reading the series for over a year and there's just too much to put into words. Hehehe. Take my word for it, if you enjoyed A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game Of Thrones on tv) then you would most probably enjoy Outlander. :)

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