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The Adventures of Tintin

Originally posted on Bookish Beasts. Posted on June 4, 2013.

I've watched the movie a few times, and earlier today while eating, and I have to say, I feel like a kid again. Not only is the movie an adaptation of the old comic book of the '30s, and also not because it has been adapted into tv shows for the young, but because as a child I have played detective with my friends and siblings.

Growing up to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and the less serious Sweet Valley Kids (the spy series they published) my friends and I have imagined ourselves spies as well, trying to solve mysteries around us though I doubt now if they were indeed mysteriesHaha.

It was all part of child play and of growing up. It is a refreshing interlude to the usual running around (which I hated to do) or the barbeque-cooking games my sisters and I played at home. And it played more to the logical part of our development, compared to the physical of running around and the resourcefulness and creativity of the leaf barbeque games.

Tintin is a kid too. *I'm still wondering how a kid could be that smart.*But in this 2011 movie adaptation, he  solved the mystery of the Secret of The Unicorn. Sounds like a fantasy, right? But it isn't. The Unicorn here is a ship. A three-masted ship of Yore. Lol. Scratch out Yore, just got carried away.

In this movie, producers combined three of the original stories, all revolving around the main theme, The Unicorn and its hidden treasure.

I am really not the type to spoil. So I trust that what I've said is enough to get you interested?

And don't forget the doggie, Snowy! He's absolutely adorable! And intelligent too. *Why is it I'm not questioning the dog's intelligence but I do the kid's? LOL. I'm biased to dogs I think.*

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