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The Move Part 2

After arriving here at Zamboanga last Tuesday, we set to work right away packing up the entire house for my mom and niece's move to Malaybalay. They were in a hurry because classes starts the following week and Desari has been enrolled for 5th grade at the public school in Malaybalay.

Here are pics of the clean up process and a remembrance of how the house once was. :/

Desari's orangutan pose. Could be the next new thing?

Packing some stuff for the cargo van to take

The room in it's last stages of disarray

Starting to pile up stuff for the designated storage room

The plates were one of the most difficult to pack. We stored them in sturdy pails.

Short interlude to the constant packing. Snack time consists of just a piece of sandwich and a sip of iced tea.

Desari or Desdel?

We can't find boxes, so mama resorted to sack bags like this.

I found this among the stuff jam packed in my room. Why do I find this so funny?

Loony Balloony the 2nd. He/she is keeping me company in my room. Hehe

This after mama and Desari left. I was tidying up the place while having coffee, and I was about to take mama's small white chair away when I realized that the setup might never be seen again.

The following day, after I tidied up the computer table and drawing table. Can you remember which items I have stowed away?

The storage room almost full. Keropi still isn't happy.


Almost bare.

Divider is also bare.

Hey it's mama's kalamansi! And I got first pick! It's just too bad that she isn't around when we discovered the fruits of her labor. Hahaha

And it's huge!

Spot the kalamansi

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