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I'm in Bukidnon right now and trash is being segregated into biodegradable and non-bio which isn't the case in Zamboanga and Manila. The people picking up the trash every Monday morning could turn down picking up the garbage if they think it wasn't segregated well.

We have experienced being turned down twice during our 3 weeks stay here. The first one was reasonable because we were practically clueless as to what they consider "MALATA". My sister being the germophobe that she is places her leftover food inside plastic bags on the day the food was considered leftover. So our bio trash consisted of several small bags of plastic holding the stinking rotten food. You'll understand why that's turned down, right?

The second time our "MALATA" trash was turned down is today. I am already confident that we have segregated it correctly because our second week trash passed their consideration; as well as my in-laws who have been staying in here in Bukidnon for 2 years are now living with us and they're helping with the sorting.

So why is our bio trash rejected? When we went out to the gate to retrieve the trash, we found a chocolate bar wrapper at the very top of the bag. We haven't had that particular candy during our entire stay here in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

I'm so pissed. Some passerby placed it there. And the garbage people would just give the garbage a passing glance and reject it without even trying to check it out properly. What is wrong with a single piece of foil at the very top that they could just move to the bag sitting right next to it?

I'm getting the urge to visit every single biodegradable bag in the block next week and place a single piece of plastic at the top. Let's see if they don't get the point that they should be more discerning once they realize that they haven't picked up a single bio bag in the area. 

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