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15 Minutes of Mystery

The clock struck twelve and I hold my breath. Will there be an onslaught or will it just trickle in? In what form is it gonna take?

The answer to the mystery this time is a dead silence. Bwahaha. And now I've lost my mind. The anticipation of something that never arrives (on time) is enough to make one go mad sometimes.

I shouldn't be surprised. My guy had been falling asleep way too early for almost a week now. I wouldn't hear a peep from him even if I decide to call him.

Okay enough of this nonsense. It's not ideal to be pissed and crazy on the first 30 minutes of your birthday. And probably also not sitting by the computer blogging the time away. What am I, an old hag? No, don't answer that. :P I'M NOT OLD! Where has my social life gone? Hahaha. I know, signs of aging: when you don't find yourself partying as much, and I seldom party to begin with. -___-

So hopefully I can make another post later in the day. Or tomorrow. ;)

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Eris Ed said...

Happy Birthday, Do!!! For the record, you are not an old hag but a late 20's hag! lol... just kidding... :) How often are you online? I keep checking when you last checked your blog.... So many things have happened and I look forward to reading your comments! (perks of being my lone follower? hihi) Anyway, enough about me... Hope you enjoy your special day! Happy 29th! (I need to emphasize that...hehehe)

Dawn Doneza said...

Ra! :D I haven't been online much. Well, actually I am online, playing bakery story. lol. I'm hooked! I'll visit your blog soon. Curious with the happenings. :) Hope everything is well. And thanks for the greetings!

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