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I'm Engaged!

What better time to announce my engagement here in my blog than on Valentine's Day? :D No, I didn't get engaged this very day. That would be cliche.

The day my guy popped the question was last December 29, 2014 while we were vacationing in Zamboanga.

I wasn't expecting it. We were just fooling around when he showed me the ring.

I think the convo went like this:
Him: I wish we could be like this forever.
Me: Hmmm, that would be too expensive. (thinking he was referring to the vacation) hehehe.

There was no going down on one knee cliche-ness, thank God, that would have been awkward. But he did ask the four-word question. ;D

The ring is a little loose. There are times when I've worn it on my middle finger instead because I'm afraid I might lose it because it doesn't fit snugly.

I like how it looks. We've both agreed that it looks like a flower, and I think it's kinda sweet because he knows I like flowers. This design isn't too gaudy, which means I could wear it without being afraid it might catch the eyes of mal-intent people lurking in the streets.

I'm kinda curious where he bought this ring, I couldn't get myself to ask. He had mentioned he had visited various jewelry stores and I just can't help but be proud. lol! I know! But even I myself would be very intimidated to go to such shops, and this guy summed up the courage and confidence to go to several of them!

He's a guy! I'm sure he felt very lost in there.

Anyway, we're away from each other since that vacation and planning has been difficult. :/

And Valentine's is a little boring.

Happy Heart's Day to everyone out there!
May your hearts be full of love and faith and hope.

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Pool Party

On my previous post (My Sister's Wedding) I mentioned about an outing we planned the day after the event. This is where we went to - the RR Family Spring Resort in Maramag, Bukidnon. Around 2 hours travel I think from Malaybalay, and that's with a rented van. Might be longer if you travel by bus.

Anyway the resort boasts of pools filled with spring water. I don't know about you, but it made me think the water should be hot, and it is not! It was freaking freezing cold, even if the pool you've picked was one under the heat of the sun.

There was several pools in that resort, I counted 7 (but forgive my memory if I'm wrong- this was half a year ago). They have different depths and slides. The shallow ones have cutesy slides, animal themed or cartoons, while the deeper pools have longer and higher slides and looks plain.

Near the entrance. Those structures are the concessionaire. Looks to be some expensive stuff being sold. There is a small store selling inexpensive items on the other side.

Heading down to the pools and cottages. This is directly behind (180 degrees from when I took the photo above) so it's a pretty big place.

Look at the rice fields beyond the property. It's very peaceful here. You're surrounded by fields and trees and mountains.

That kiosk in the middle of the pond serves as their fishing hut. The pond is filled with fishes that you can try to catch with just a plain pole and string. I think this is free to use, including the bait the guy manning this hut will put on the hook for you. Catching a fish would require you to pay for it, and you get to keep the fish to put in your belly.

That's my brother trying his skill. He finally caught one after several failed attempts. My sister's father-in-law caught several, he's quite skilled.

My brother took care of cooking the fish. The resort has an area where you can cook your food over coals. The taste of that fish was quite delicious.

One of them pools. This was 2 feet deep (or shallow). This is one of the warmer pools since there were no big trees around to provide shade, but at 2 feet, this really wasn't an option. I tried okay? I looked stupid.

This one is at 3 feet. For the kids still. But this have been okay have it not been freezing cold.

Snack time to bring a little heat to a shivering body.

When we got a little tired of the pools, we checked out what the resort has more to offer. And we found a playground. :) It's near the cottages where I'm assuming you can rent if you want to stay overnight or for a longer period of time.

More posing and playing. It was a good idea to play after several hours of being in cold pools. It warmed us a bit, and dried up our hair. When we went back to our table, it was time to go home.

So all in all, it was a fun day. The place was nice and relaxing. What I really don't look forward to when I think about going back is the cold spring water. If that resort was somewhere else and not in Bukidnon, somewhere warmer, those pools under the shade of trees would have been awesome.

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I Have The Right To Choose What I Listen To

Someone's on a roll again. Sitting in front of a tv screen and component with a mic in hand. Feeling like an artist on a concert with the entire neighborhood as his audience.    -____-

Please don't impose your drunken voice on us. Paired with bad diction and questionable song choices, I really don't think anyone in this neighborhood is enjoying your performance.

Videoke / Karaoke is really one of my pet peeves. Especially those done within the neighborhood and take up all night. Have a little consideration. Some people need to sleep, or concentrate on their studies or work, or even simply keep up a conversation.

What you're doing is noise pollution. I'm not sure if there's a law in the Philippines regarding this (in the US people could actually complain to the police for any loud noises in the neighborhood), but we really should, because Filipinos love to sing and to impose their "beautiful" voices on everyone. Not that some aren't deserving of the praise, it's just that WE HAVE TO SLEEP! Your voice screeching Armageddon isn't exactly a lullaby.

And what more, that boom boom bass of your component is vibrating my very brain.

I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy screeching yourself senseless. By all means, do. I'm just saying to keep tabs on that volume control and maybe your wall clock too.

Have a nice concert.

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