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Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Originally posted in Bookish Beast. This post was written September 17, 2013.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I got to watch the Mortal Instruments movie. It was really impromptu because I usually make a big deal out of watching a movie in theaters. I want it to be planned, so I could bring with me a jacket or a scarf, having found theaters to be arctic. But last Saturday, I came with a jacket because the weather was rainy, so I didn't have any excuse to set another date.

My boyfriend had always commented on the poster whenever we pass by it. He was always curious about the movie, saying it is a book and if I think it's good. Too bad for him I haven't read it or heard about it. So, tadaa! No surprise to having myself being drawn into watching it.

To tell the truth, I only thought about that movie now, on a Monday morning. I guess I could say that I find the movie lacking. It has no lingering effect. I couldn't even remember myself thinking about it right after it finished and we went home. Not that it wasn't good, it just doesn't have an implication in my life, nothing to make me think. Or probably because it barely made it seem like the situation is dire or something. It's just lacking. That's how I could explain it best.

The title Mortal Instruments and City of Bones I would even question. City of Bones? She (the protagonist Clary) spent probably 5 minutes there. :/ And Mortal Instruments? I thought the movie of something like kungfu-ey or something arcane/witchcraft but lo and behold it was about angels and demons. So weird. 

I do like the ideas of runes for spells that they tattoo on their bodies, but with the size they make them, there's only so much space for canvas. And I don't like tattoos very much, I'm not that kind of girl. Clary on one scene used a rune to clean up their apartment after a massive attack. Oh girl, I've watched too many witchcraft shows to say that it was a bad move. Don't use magic for personal gain, especially ones that going to be permanently marked on your skin.

After all these opinions, some I've texted to my boyfriend, he suggested that I read the book so I could understand it better. I think that is a good idea. Usually I have read the books of the books-turned-movies so before/during/after the movie, I have a lot to tell him in ways to explain, but now I have nothing but questions and complains. Lol! I know how movies suck compared to their book counterparts. So yeah, I'm gonna get myself on the Mortal Instruments train.

I do have the Hunger Games and the remaining books of the Outlander series in my ebook reader as of the moment, so I'm not particularly sure when I'll be able to get to this.

So, I'll let you know my thoughts on it when I do. ;) Have a nice day!

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Nuraini Munira J. said...

I had a movie marathon with my brother throughout August and this was one of the movie I watched. TWICE.
and I gotta say, what you said above totally is what I experienced. I was looking for the right word (or sentences) to describe me feeling about the movie and when I read your post, I was like "so it was like that.."
yeah, I guess I'm gonna get the books, too. to see whether this is worth the wait for the sequel to come out.

sure, I'll be looking forward to your post on that. :D
xx, Mira |

Dawn Doneza said...

Hehehe I didn't know I wasn't the only one who thought of the movie this way. :)

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