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Five On A Friday: Food

My friend Javie and I had decided to take down our co-authored blog Bookish Beasts, because we can't update it regularly since we're also keeping other blogs. So, I'll be moving some of my posts there into this blog, because it'll be a waste to just have it be deleted.

This post is actually a collab post where we list down 5 things according to a specified topic. We have quite a few posts like this and I am planning on keeping this for future posts. From now on, instead of searching the same blog for the collab article, I'll be providing the link to the other post on the personal blog owned by said friend.

If you want to join the collaboration, let me know so I can add your link into my post as well. This will be fun, right? I would also love to hear topic suggestions for future posts. :) So here's my first one. Enjoy. :)

Here's my top 5 favorite foods, to keep up with Beastie's last week's post. I'm sure she has something new for this Wednesday, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to talk about my faves, especially since I have salivated over hers the last time.

So here they are in no particular order:

1. Mashed Potatoes

This is my ultimate comfort food. A few years ago, one of my previous jobs was right next to a KFC branch, and I gained a lot of weight. People said it was because I enjoyed my job so much, they just didn't know I had mashed potatoes every lunch!

2. Milk tea

I enjoy it both hot and cold. It's a good replacement for hot coffee, especially if you want to change your sleeping patterns but need something to perk you up for now. And the cold milk tea (enjoyed best with pearls) is such a great way to cool off summer's intense heat. And they're so popular now, you can buy them anywhere. They even have them in different flavors. Come on, if you don't enjoy pearl milk tea, then something's wrong with you.

3. Blueberry Cheesecake

Hihihi. One of the rare desserts I enjoy so much. It's making me giddy just thinking about it. What I love about it? The cheesecake isn't too sweet, and it melts in the mouth almost. The blueberries, they're sweet and tart, and considered a fruit (so it's healthier?). And the crust doesn't overpower the cake, it also adds a nice crunch.

4. Carbonara

Everyone who knows me pretty well knows I hate spaghetti and I love carbonara. Spaghetti out, carbonara in. I especially hate Filipino style spaghetti, the ones that taste like Jollibee? I don't understand why people want to recreate that. I am not being a snob (or maybe I am), but the pinkish color puts me off, the soggy noodles remind me of Maggi and sick days, not to mention the cut noodle lengths that make it just a tad longer than a grain of rice, :( and the flavor itself doesn't do it for me. Granted, I have tasted some spaghetti that were absolutely delicious (firm, uncut noodles, red orange sauce, and the taste of herbs and meat dominating everything) And no, hot dogs don't go into my holy grail of spaghetti.

But finding the ones that I do like, over the popularly wide-spread Filipino style is such a risky business (you do want me to finish my food, right?) So, instead of ordering spaghetti, I go to my fail-safe Carbonara.

No, I do really love the taste of Carbonara. It isn't just my rebound pasta. I love the taste of milk, cream, cheese and butter. It has such a mild taste. Ham or bacon adds a touch of sharp flavor and texture. It would be a great plus if there are herbs involved, and mushrooms and whatnots.

I usually cook this at home when there's a special occasion. :) My bestie Beastie had given me tips on how she makes hers, so now not only does our carbonaras probably tastes similar :P , my dish has actually improved. That recipe is sure going to be passed down generation to generation. ;)

5. Bicol Express

LOL! We finally have something in common B. (OMG! We're B and S, but I wanted to be Blair :(  )Bicol Express, I love it! I just wish there isn't too much fat in it sometimes. But other than that, just one of the few spicy foods I can handle (or worth suffering for).

My first taste of this was when my elder brother cooked it for us, and he had green leafy vegetables in it. I thought that was how the dish was really served. But now knowing otherwise, I do wish there's some leafy vegetables in it sometimes, so I wouldn't feel so guilty eating it. :[

So there you have it, my top 5. Are you salivating yet? No? Just me? :) Let us know your insights then, down in the comments. :) Happy salivating everybody!

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