This is Dawn's personal blog. The blog name Orchids in Formaldehyde hints of sweetness and darkness in her views. A paradox of perspective that is sometimes confusingly unpredictable.

Not Your Ordinary Table

Who makes up these stuff? And why can't I think of these things? I am such an old fashioned twerp.

Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? Amazing right?

It isn't even your typical square-turns-rectangle expandable table. This table has been well-thought out. The cuts are geometric and it makes it look like a piece of art while on the process of transformation. And you can't even see where the edges meet. I am so blown away.

I've watched this again and again trying to find some inspiration, but all that popped into my head is "Girl, haven't you gotten dizzy by now?"

Question: How do you know which part to push and pull? Especially when trying to downsize it?

Hey wait a minute, another puzzler. I didn't know you could use clips for a GIF file.

Image credit: Someone from Google+. Been shared so many times you can't pinpoint its original source. But if you could read those characters watermarked, then please do share it with me.

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First Theater Experience

First - because I have every intention of watching more. :D

Last May 4, we have been invited to watch "The King and I" at Resorts World Manila. The tickets were from my brother's friend who also got them from another friend and can't figure out who else to invite. Tada! Stroke of luck, I dare say! That link was pretty long, and what's more coincidental is that it was Caye's birthday the day before. :D I'm so happy we had something different to do to celebrate it.

The show was AMAZING! My brother kept chuckling over the "etc, etc, etc" :/ It's funny yes, but I think he's gotten a little obsessive. :) I love the english accent of Anna and her son. The Thai accents of the other characters were believable as well. We all love the theater show they produced for the banquet in honor of the dignitary from Singapore. It was superb. It reminded me of cultural shows we've done in 2nd year high school for our Aralin Panlipunan (History and Civics Class) - Asian Studies. I wondered why no one did Thailand? Thai culture is very rich. Instead, we went old school with India, China, Japan and Egypt.

My brother, having performed in a play before, got a little jealous and announced right from the start (around the first act) that he wants to be in that play. LOL.

We did ooohed and aaahed at the elaborate sets in front of us. And the screen showing beautiful images of either port or palace just takes you back thru time to the scene right in front of you.

And here are some pictures:

Here's the birthday boy
And that's me

What we have behind us is a display set at the lobby where people can take pictures as remembrance, since no one is allowed to take photos inside the theater. We took turns taking each other's picture, obviously. Kuya and friend Jona are at the other display taking pictures as well.

That's me and kuya Dennis
This is my official Facebook post

Let me just point out some pics here that don't need blowing up. The three bottom pics. The first two are taken at Serenitea outside the theater during the 15 minute break of the show. Mine's the small one- wintermelon sweet, while Caye's was the bigger choco cookie something. If you would just notice, his drink level was the same as mine on this pic. The guy can drink! To be honest, we were doing our best to finish the drinks as fast as we could. There's no food and drink allowed inside the theater. And the 15-minute break wasn't enough. Ordering and waiting for the drinks took forever. We had 2 minutes to drink it and return to our seats. Olympic event much! And obviously, I sucked at it. Pun intended. Kuya's friend Jona and I had pearls (sago) in our drinks. It had to be chewed, you know. She even remarked that it was a bad move. I ended up pulling the straw up and drinking the liquid, carefully trying not to vacuum any pearls. We still end up late. Like, duh!

The last pic I wanna showcase the pretty violet streaked carpet of that lobby. It really felt lush at that place.

And here is a picture of the lovely chandelier hanging at the lobby. Glittery!
Caye at Chicken Bonchon

After the show we went to Eastwood where we can easily part ways. Caye and I haven't eaten dinner yet, so we went to Chicken Bonchon to eat. Our first time eating there as well, the food was yummy.

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Giveaways Galore!

No, I'm not doing it. I'm joining them. It seems as if it's the trend now; established bloggers are giving away free products to their beloved audience, as a way to say thank you and also to garner more viewers from social sites where we (the freelooters) are happily posting links to.

I have been thinking of doing a giveaway as well. I think that would add to my audience. But then, it's the audience themselves that's preventing me from doing it. I only have 5 followers, and some of them seem like guys, my giveaway would stink! And guy stuff are so expensive, I am so not going there!

So, I'm stuck with this loopy loop where I'm blogging and no one's reading, and I can't even console myself with a giveaway that would badge my blog as established. Apparently, it is not. Haha.

Don't worry, I haven't given up yet. I've been bugging my brother about a new blog (website developer brother can't help me?) so it's all in good time. I'm gonna have to make more serious posts though.

Anyway, enough of that chatter. Here's the list of the giveaways/promos that I have joined.
Carizza Chua ~ My Name Tag (I think I joined multiple giveaways from her site)
Behind The Frames
MISSKATV (I think I joined multiple of hers as well)
Sashimi Dolly

This is one I'm waiting to begin. Stalker already.
My Lucid Intervals

The products are so cute! I wish I could win even one. :) That would totally be worth my time. But then again, it might get me hooked and stalk the web for more giveaways, oh no! Note to self: More blogging, less being crazy.

And look at their posters. I've posted some on my sidebar. They're totally awesome, right? Ooooh, I so really want to win. Cross your fingers for me, why don't you? I'll let you have the other giveaways. ;)

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