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Getting Emotional Over Baby's First Clothes

A couple of month's ago, my mom sent over a package containing "dasters" or maternity dresses for indoors. I was surprised to find a baby onesie inside. It took my breath away, left me speechless. I just turned around and showed it to my husband and he laughed with me, the kind that's a giggle / disbelief combination.

And then later he remarked, "Oh no, are we ready?" I felt the same way. Although I'm sure he's worried about the finances, I was worried about the upbringing. We would be responsible for another person.

It was a wake-up call.

I couldn't stop looking at it though. I couldn't stop holding it in my arms as if I'm holding an infant. Lol.

It seems funny, when he calls me over to the kitchen, I am bringing along a baby's clothing in my arms. I joked to him that in a few months, I'll be moving around the house the same way, but with a real baby this time. We'll be attached to the hip. Or chest-to-chest.

I love that the clothing is in green. I think that's a perfect unisex color. When we received this, we didn't know the gender of the baby yet, but I always thought I'm having a girl. Like to the point of claiming it. Like: "Desdel, start your baking business already so I can order from you those pretty floral cupcakes I saw on Pinterest for baby's birthday." That is why the floral pattern and butterfly detail on this onesie didn't bother me one bit.

But now... I'm sure baby wouldn't notice. 😉

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