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First Trimester Misery

I've never really told a lot of people that I am pregnant. And that's a good thing. Because have I told them, I would probably be complaining to them a lot about the miserable trek that I went through. The first trimester was a misery! I've heard a lot of women say they were done with the pregnancy at week 30 or so, I was done at week 11. Like, sobbing my eyes out, I-wanna-go-home-to-my-mother kind of done.

I was nauseated pretty much everyday. I go green from the smell of hot cooking oil, the hot stove, the kitchen sink, and I guess the kitchen overall. Since I was also very fatigued (plus the nausea), I didn't have the energy to clean which I guess added up to the horrid smell of the house (which really isn't that much - just pregnancy nose picking up more scents than usual).

We also had two dogs at that time - God rest poor Dookie's soul, I still feel so guilty because I kinda neglected him during his last months. They also added to the smell and the chores, although they're indoors dogs so they're not that dirty (except when Dookie contacted allergies/mange from something he ate).

There was also the [TMI] constipation. It was like hard work. Like seriously, it was like a work out just getting it done. I hear that's pretty normal for pregnant women especially when they start taking iron supplements, which I am now this second trimester but haven't had that experience again (yet).

And I should not forget to mention the abdominal cramps. It's far too common for girls to complain about them when they're on their periods like it's the bane of existence, but I didn't know it would still have an appearance during pregnancy. And by golly! How I wish I was just menstruating so I know that the pain will be over in an hour or so, and that the bloody business over in a week. No, this time I have absolutely no idea when and why it is happening. My uterus surely isn't contracting to expel it's linings.

I know, too much TMI. But that's what pregnancy will do to you I guess. Just the knowledge that people will be hovering over your open legs in a few months will desensitize you.

What else? Oh yeah, I lost weight when I was suppose to be gaining them. All the nausea/puking and fatigue don't really give one a healthy appetite. And fearing that I'm damaging my baby because I'm not giving it proper nutrition is enough to bring on the water works.

And I also had UTI. It's common for pregnant ladies to get them. I didn't really feel any pain with urinating and what not, but I had to take antibiotics for it and being a child that I am, I don't know how to swallow pills. :D I had to crush them into powder before taking them and chasing them with water, then juice, then candy or some dessert. I hurled them twice during that one week routine because it was just plain nasty.

Well, I'm over that hump now, thankfully. They say the second trimester is the easiest and happiest among the three, and I agree. I'm blissful. Not that it doesn't have any aches and pains, but it is so much easier than the first trimester. :D

And they say the third would be just as hard as the first, hmm we'll see.

I'll update you when I'm over the second trimester. ;)

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Arch. R.A. Sahi said...

Congrats, Dodo and Caye! I've been checking your blog for updates, and I'm so glad to hear from you again. I'm really happy that you'll have a Caye or Donna junior soon. :) I really don't know what to say, since I've zero idea with being pregnant and such (lol), but do know that I'll include you and your baby in my prayers. Hope to see you soon! Miss you! :)

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