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Eden Nature Park and Resort

How pretty is Eden Nature Park, right? I really enjoyed strolling through the paths and trails and stopping by beautiful spots to soak up on all the feels. I wish I had more time to enjoy it. There were more trails that we didn't go on and more spots I wish I could have seen.

Most ideal to me is having the time to actually stick around and just meditate on life (as if I don't have enough time for that on my bed hehe). Or sit on a bench or steps or the roadside maybe and read a book or something? A picnic would also be nice.

Definitely a wondrous place.

The Flower Gardens

The path leading back from the flower gardens.

Among the trees

The Amphitheater

The path in the Butterfly Sanctuary

The Day Tour Center and the shuttle for the Guided Shuttle Tour
We opted out of this because not only does it costs an additional P120 per head, we also wanted some solitude.

Deer Park

The Not-Exactly-Entrance Sign

Entrance to Amphitheater

Statue welcoming us to the Fishing Village

The Gazebo from afar

Step, Tae!!!
Playing the Filipino version of hopscotch

The Holiday Terraces

The Holiday Terraces from afar

The Gazebo

Mountain Villa 1

Mountain Villa 2

I'm surprised to see a dog and chicken at this "native-ity" scene.

The Prayer Garden

The road from the gardens

Ninomiya Kinjiro moment?

A somewhat secret entrance to the Aviary

The Vista Cottages

Leading down to the Vista Restaurant

Vista Resto from afar
'Twas a gloomy moment around lunch when the clouds were heavy and the fog started creeping in.

Path from the Vista Resto to the Day Tour Center

Vista Resto up close

White horse outside the Butterfly Sanctuary

But maybe not for people who hates the outdoors. ;)

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