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Save The Date

Not that I'm inviting all of you. I just wanna show off this save the date card I made. I enjoyed doing this so much. Much more than planning for the wedding. :)

Talking to people gives me anxiety. Social anxiety, I guess that's what it's called, and it's a real thing. Anyway, because of this anxiety, I can't enjoy the process of planning an event because it entails talking to different suppliers. I guess being in the art/graphics/architecture/freelancing business suits me in a sense that I can hide in my room and do the stuff that I enjoy doing. Like this card.

We'll hire a planner for the wedding. We are in the process of talking with one and hopefully a deal will be struck so we can start with the planning of the wedding. I know I still need to talk to her (regarding my social anxiety) but I'll only have to talk to only her, and she'll talk to the others for me. :)

I'll discuss more about hiring a planner later. Back to the card. The card announces the important information of date and place which is necessary to disseminate to people because the venue will be some kind of a "destination wedding" venue. Since we have decided (I made a post about it) that the wedding will be held in Davao, most of our guests in Zamboanga will have to travel to be able to attend.

Thus letting them know early is essential so they can prepare for the day/trip.

Colors of the card and the color scheme of the event are powder blue and lavender because they are Caye and my favorite colors respectively. :) It's a good thing they look nice together.

PS. I haven't sent a card to everyone on the list yet so don't sweat if you haven't received one. :)

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