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I Loved You At Your Darkest

For those episodes of depression and social anxiety, and whatever dark episodes we are going through, it's lovely to remember this line from the bible. :)

We all go through some tough times. I think it's gotten overrated - the idea of constant happiness and good vibes.

If there aren't people who notice the mistakes, or what's wrong in the society, how is it ever going to change?

Is it not at the time of the renaissance when people started questioning about everything - what they believe, what they see, what they perceive? Have our scientists and mathematicians decided only to pick flowers and enjoy their moments in the sun or beach, do you think our days would have been very different to theirs?

If you think something is wrong in our society, don't turn a blind eye and pretend that it doesn't exist just because you don't want to be bothered with the negative vibes.

I once commented on an instagram "ad" that the photo was copyright infringed (not my exact words, but the online boutique is using photos of someone else's account to sell stuff that looked similar). Well, the account that posted the ad blocked me, saying prior to that that she doesn't want bad vibes on her account.

Well, thanks. I guess I'm the bad guy in that situation? Because I was the one who brought the negative vibes to her?

Let's just condone copyright infringement then, just to make you happy.

Anyway, I've gotten off course.

But then, what else is left to say?

Depression? Those moments when you think your life won't amount to much.

Social anxiety? The knotted stomach feeling when you interact with people because of foot-in-mouth disease, which usually happens 75% of the times you interact with people.

I Loved You At Your Darkest

I don't know what it means to others, but what's resonating with me is the fact that He expects us to have our darkest moments. It's normal to not be happy all the time.

When you lost a game, it's okay to feel like --- you lost a game. You don't have to fake a smile so people will think you're not a sour loser. :) This is specially true if you really worked hard to win and then you lost.

Bottled up anger will always find a way out. But not bottled up sadness.

I used to channel it all in a Nicholas Sparks' book. Reminds me, I haven't read one in a long time. Hmm.

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