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Hilaiza's Pastry Shop

Ever since we've moved here in Panabo City, we have only been to Gaisano or the market to buy our necessities. Gaisano Mall lacked in food establishments that isn't a booth or stall. The surrounding areas between the mall, market, terminal and home was still pretty rural so there wasn't really any place that stood out so much to us. We were keeping an eye out for places we could hang out in and chat and enjoy delicious food.

It's a good thing that my sister has to plan a birthday party for her son, so we searched online for cake shops in the city. And that's how we discovered Hilaiza's Pastry Shop.

It's a little out of our way, because we usually turn at the crossing where going straight ahead would lead us here.

We initially ordered cakes, because let's face it, CAKES! It was also the main purpose we visited the place, so we could taste what they have to offer before my sis decides to order a cake for Davin's birthday.

Blueberry cheesecake

Cookies and Cream cheesecake

While in the process of eating cake, my sis asked us if we wanted to order more stuff. Haha. Appetite peaked!

And so we ordered a pizza and a serving of fries. The pizza flavor was Quattro Formaggi or 4 cheeses, and it was delicious. The fries didn't seem like the frozen fries variety and it didn't have artificial flavoring which we liked. Of all the food I've tasted I really loved the pizza. I'm still craving for it now, the day after we visited the place.

The drinks were delicious as well. I ordered a latte while my two sisters ordered apple and mango tumble respectively, and my niece ordered lemon grass lemonade which she didn't like but I did. :)

The place is cozy and decorated nicely. The only thing I could think of which I didn't like from the place is the low setting air conditioning. It was a little warm in there.

The prices are a bit above average, but nothing too expensive either. The cakes were at P85 per slice. The drinks were the same except for the lemonade which was at P55. The fries were P65 and the pizza P395.

We went home very full. If you divide our expenses into 4, we'd have each person pay P260+ each. Not bad really.

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