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The Move Part 3

Oh my goo! All this moving!!! Anyway, last summer (last week of April) we moved yet again. From Malaybalay City, Bukidnon to Panabo City, Davao Del Norte. We stayed in Malaybalay for almost a year since I arrived on the first week of May, 2014. In this house particularly we stayed for 11 months.

We've always known that we would move. The house was just a rent. But we've planned on moving only within Malaybalay because I thought they were happy with the location.

Their minds changed. Particularly my mom and dad's. They thought being in Davao (or nearer to Davao City) is better because they needed to be nearer since my dad is disabled and travelling to Davao is difficult and he needs or wants to be there all the time.

So upsie daisy we went. After finding a good and clean house in Davao Del Norte, we closed the deal pretty quickly and left Bukidnon for good.

I pray they be satisfied and not plan on moving yet again because all the moving is so tiring!

But there are talks about moving to Cebu (where my sis lives) or to Davao City (my dad's wants) and I pray I'll be out of here when those talks come in fruition because I've packed a house three times and I'm not doing it anymore!

Let me share some photos.

My uncle and cousin came over from Cagayan De Oro to help with the packing and loading and unloading of the truck. They also stayed for a few weeks here in Panabo to help with the arranging of stuff and other manly tasks.

The impatient person who kept bugging about moving just about every week for several months is just watching everyone do all the packing.

Room 1 cleared out.

Room 2 almost done.

Say goodbye to the familiar sights outside the room.

And to the familiar sounds.

Man, I won't miss that. That eatery across the street have their meat delivered at 3-4 am, and they usually aren't awake to receive it. So the delivery guys would make a ruckus banging on the roll-up door and shouting "Baka! Baka ninyo" (Beef! Your beef!) And I don't understand why it takes them forever to receive it because it usually jolts me awake on the first shout.

And man, that dust! We lived near the downtown area so there's a lot of vehicles passing by, that's why the dust accumulates pretty quickly. The thing is, no one cares about cleaning up anything and I won't do it by myself. I'm not their maid. If I'm going to clean up someone else's mess consistently, I'm going to start complaining about it. Don't they dare tell me I should keep mum about following all their mess everyday, I'm not their housemaid, they're not paying me anything. For someone to complain that I complain every time I clean, maybe they should try cleaning up after themselves sometime. Ugh, makes my blood boil right now.

People who puts dishes still filled with food on a water-filled basin on the sink, and unwashed pots with leftover food under the sink and left it for several days until it grew molds in a variety of colors and stank like hell. People who leave the kitchen counter dripping and the wet floor wet. People who walks into the bathroom with dirty shoes or slippers and doesn't flush after use, trailing the wet and dirty footprints all over the wet floor outside the bathroom. What are they? Roaches in human form?!

I hate cleaning up after them! But I also hate living horridly this way!

So I'm so thankful we moved. Although I believe we could have gotten a better house or at least a better lot, I was thankful we moved as soon as we can.

At least this house is cleaner and isn't riddled with undisciplined children that you can't discipline because they aren't yours.

Okay, enough with the ranting. Here are pics of our new home in Panabo.

Messy but clean

At the gate: Desari's first day of school.

The smallest house we've ever lived in. But I think it's just the right size for my parents and niece when my sisters and I would move out (me to Manila, my sis to Cebu, and other sis to Japan). It won't be too big for them to keep up.

Less messy and still clean.

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