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Bitterness For My Beauty Blog

I'm struggling with some blogging issues right now. To the point that I don't want to visit my beauty blog anymore nor make a post. I don't know. It has lost its sparkle.

When I was new to blogging, I thought holding a giveaway would be fun. I see a lot of established blogs holding giveaways and there seemed to be a huge hullabaloo over it, like it's some sort of a fiesta online or something. Lol.

Maybe I just didn't went all out about the giveaway I held on my beauty blog. I didn't make a lot of fuss about it. I guess that's why it didn't seem like a fiesta.

But a fiesta wasn't my intention on holding a giveaway. I sincerely wanted to give a prize to a reader since I am surprised I still get page views even when I don't post regularly nor do I receive any comments when I do post.

The Blogiversary was a good opportunity to do that.

And yet, now after it was all over and done, I felt like I was held up. Lol. Not that I'm specifically saying that the winner in particular disappointed me in that regard.

It still seemed like a fiesta to me, but a different kind of fiesta. The happy kind would be when your friends and relatives and neighbors come to your house to celebrate and eat (and maybe gossip here and there). The not so happy (kind of held up) kind of fiesta would be when strangers come to your house just to eat then leave.

That's how it felt like to me. Like strangers came to eat and left.

It kinda leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

And kinda makes me steer off giveaways in the future.

Well, it's steering me off my blog now, because it reminds me of the bitterness that I feel. Gahhh!

*Why do I get depressed easily? Lol. *

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