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Spanish Mediterranean Inspired

It's not everyday that we get to design a building and paint everything yellow. :D It was actually fun; and imagining since childhood of Spanish inspired houses courtesy of reading too many Sweet Valley books (they always mention to live in one) has added to the charm of designing such a place.

I know, the yellow/orange looks daunting. I'm actually quite scared that it would look idiotic when the actual building stands before my very eyes.

But paint is just paint. Won't do permanent damage, I hope.

Just for comparison's sake (regarding the color and my level of insanity) here are the inspiration photos provided by the client.


Well, mine's actually pretty tame compared to these. These are actual photos by the way, and they look alright despite the bright colors, so I have hopes mine will turn out alright.

Am I in over my head? :D (like I always am - ending up with questionable designs and people questioning my taste) :D

The client liked what I did, so that's 1/3 fulfillment. Or about 2/3. My old boss said that a design should please (1) me - the designer, (2) the client, and (3) the crowd. He said I shouldn't worry too much about pleasing him.

When I say "about 2/3", I mean I do like it. My only apprehension is the bold color.

Anyway, the building is a 2-storey apartment building with a penthouse on the 3rd floor for the owners plus a garden deck which is open to the boarders.


This is the penthouse as viewed from the kitchen and bar. Rendering is done by my boyfriend Caye. He did the exterior too. I could give the excuse that the program (Sketchup) crashes on my laptop so I cannot use it, but that could mean that there's shame in having him do it. Let's just say I'm the architect (designer) and he's the draftsman. No shame in that right?

Except that I'm not paying him. *grins* Ummm, conjugal property? *blink blink*

Well I helped him on several occasions too. :)

Well the initial rendition was all neutral (per Caye's personal taste) with all cream and wood. I actually photoshopped the colors and the flowers into that image. Just think: if the client wants a yellow building, I'm sure he would want some colors inside the building too.

I steered clear of yellow on the interior because it might be overwhelming with the exterior already being yellow. I instead used shades of blue and a pop of orange for accents and some colorful flowers.

The client okay-ed it. So hooray! :D But job's far from over. Let's just hope he doesn't change his mind so that it'll be smooth sailing from here to deadline and compensation. Weeeheee!

*Couch component is too big. Looks like the size of a single bed. :D

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