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My Adsense Anniversary Depresses Me

Good morning!

Albeit it's afternoon. I just woke up from slumber and after logging in and checking AdSense (which I occasionally do) I received another wake up call.

Not common to the dashboard is that card marking my anniversary. 7 years to be exact.

Instead of making me happy, it so didn't. Check out my current balance.

Yep, haven't cashed out yet in my seven years. :(

So depressing.

It's been a while since I started thinking if this is still worth it.

But somehow I am hoping that someday (maybe in another 7 years?) I'll be gaining a decent traffic to make the "inclusion of ads" worthwhile.

Don't get me wrong. I will always blog. Always have, always will. It's the inclusion of ads that I'm on the fence on.

My brother (who is in the web design field) often told me that ads on sites quite cheapens the site. Not to mention clutters it too.

But I also wanted to make money. Nothing wrong with that right?

Well I'll just give it more thought.

It's not everyday when you receive a memo of your anniversary and you felt depressed about it. Haha.

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