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Quick Update

Eeek! I haven't posted for so long. I have so much to post.

So just a quick update.

I am now living in Bukidnon. Came here last May, then went home to Zamboanga to facilitate the move, then after a month there came back here to Bukidnon just in time for my sister's wedding. Like I arrived exactly on the day, didn't even get to bathe :/

After that wedding, visitors went home to their respective homes, and my sister and her new hubby went back to Cebu where they've established as their home.

A month from that, my mom, sister and I went after them in Cebu to help out with the household and stuff and after 2 weeks my sister and I came back here in Bukidnon to take care of our father and niece because my mom would be staying longer in Cebu.

Thanks to my friend Javie, I've landed another online job with is taking up most of my day now, lol. *not really*

I'm busy with chores as well. :)

I miss going to the mall. :( There's no mall here.

I think I need shopping and Happy Lemon's green tea with rock salt and cheese to keep me sane.

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