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The First Time I Broke A Gadget

Lookie here, my newly bought tablet (which came as a bundle with a postpaid internet) broke after a week of use. :( I have never broken any gadget before. I usually take really good care of them. This one though accidentally slipped my hand and even just a distance from my bed to the wooden planked floor, the glass was smashed to pieces and the aluminum back chassis separated from the device. Hmmm shobby quality I tell you. I've seen a lot of devices falling at equal or more distance, like Caye's GPad  and my sis' HTC phone from a couple of steps up the stairs and those didn't show much damage. :-( Hmmm served me right to trust an unknown brand I guess. But still, I feel bad for the device and for my money as well. :( Grrr.

I have to tape it up so I could bring it safely to wherever I'm going to have it fixed.

Sadness really.

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