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3 Weeks In Bukidnon

Just random photos of my stay here in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

Sister Dee at the living area of our rented house

Kitchen and Dine

One of the bedrooms where my father sleeps

The other bedroom where my sis and I sleeps. I sleep on the floor. :\

We had this dining arrangement for just a day.

Crumpled bill looks like a froggy!

My pink and orange laundry

Our nephew Danny spent the afternoon with us watching cartoons on our laptops.

The front lawn. There's a pine tree which amuses us because it's rarely seen on most parts of the country.

Danny and I

With relatives

My father watching tv and passersby

The table after we covered it with wrapper and plastic

Cats feeding on our leftovers

Chicken pox


That silly face

Niece Danara

Sister and "Wowa"

I'm gonna bite you!

Kiddy time with Kitty

Horses by the side of the road. That's a carinderia/cafeteria beside it.

Walking home from the market around lunch time. Isn't it so peaceful?

Spear-shaped ice

Champorado made with tablea and topped with evap

Blue blue sky
I'm heading Zamboanga next week, so expect more photos of stuff happening there (just within 10 meters radius from me hehe). I also have a couple of videos I'm hoping to upload. The internet is so slow here, so who knows when I'll get it done.

Have a nice day and thank you for checking my post. :)

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