This is Dawn's personal blog. The blog name Orchids in Formaldehyde hints of sweetness and darkness in her views. A paradox of perspective that is sometimes confusingly unpredictable.

15 Minutes of Mystery

The clock struck twelve and I hold my breath. Will there be an onslaught or will it just trickle in? In what form is it gonna take?

The answer to the mystery this time is a dead silence. Bwahaha. And now I've lost my mind. The anticipation of something that never arrives (on time) is enough to make one go mad sometimes.

I shouldn't be surprised. My guy had been falling asleep way too early for almost a week now. I wouldn't hear a peep from him even if I decide to call him.

Okay enough of this nonsense. It's not ideal to be pissed and crazy on the first 30 minutes of your birthday. And probably also not sitting by the computer blogging the time away. What am I, an old hag? No, don't answer that. :P I'M NOT OLD! Where has my social life gone? Hahaha. I know, signs of aging: when you don't find yourself partying as much, and I seldom party to begin with. -___-

So hopefully I can make another post later in the day. Or tomorrow. ;)

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Pictures From Home - Holidays 2013

Here's my holiday in pictures (and some words). :D

Meetup with college friends at Kape Zambo

Dinner and drinks. And later they went to a karaoke place.

Image credit: Albert's FB page

Spa date with my highschool barkada at Expresso-oh!

Yep, we wanted something different. It's a cool idea, except that I couldn't chat extensively with my friends with someone infront of me chatting with me too.

Image credit for bottom pic: Jazel's FB page

Mini highschool reunion / batchmate Mursid's birthday

I thought we were just gonna eat out at some restaurant. Surprise of a lifetime, we found ourselves at a function room. Oops. This is kinda awkward.

LM Metro Hotel at Tetuan, Zamboanga.
First time I've ever been there. Was I away too long, or is the establishment a little remote?

Image credit: Mursid's FB page

Coffee run

Still on the same night, feeling awkward at said party, Javie and I excused ourselves and went to Wichcraft to drink coffee before heading home. :D

Late lunch with Javie and Caye at Alavar

Caye have more photos, I just forgot to ask for copies. But doesn't this look scrumptious? I had my qualms at eating seafood particularly crabs at such a fancy setting, but Carpe Diem! I did get a stain on my shirt though. Hehe. :D

Another meetup with bestie Javie and her kids at Myrna's

Really craving for cheesecake even though we have eaten out several times. We really needed to have our cheesecake before the holiday is over.

 Homier Pics

Sparse decorations. My sisters and I arrived a few days before Christmas so there really isn't a lot of time to decorate.

Paper lantern for ornaments.
My sister's idea. She did all the folding herself as well. :D

Our parents were away that Christmas week, they were attending a family reunion at Davao, among other reasons. Thus, we did all the cooking and the house chores.

Some of the circular foods for New Year.

Bedside buddies

 Alexander, Giraffie, K.Jo, Nyanya, Pagi and Dustin Beaver

Pocky obsession
More (more!) photos later.

My sister playing with my makeup

My niece

And her mannerism while watching tv.

 And her brand new cellphone courtesy of moi. :D

In her school uniform.

And her gift for us, boxed and giftwrapped and placed under the tree. LOL.
Top row: Mama (lola), Me, Papa (lolo)
Bottom row: Ate Didel, Ate Dinki

Pets / Critters


We found 3 new caterpillars at our calamansi plant. :D
Can't resist taking a closeup photo of one.

And with such photo I end my post. :D

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Hello Blogging World!

Hello! I'm back from vacation! :D Let me get settled first and have my stuff sorted out, then I'll be posting on my blogs once again as well as visiting other blogs. I'm wondering how everyone's doing since I've been gone.

Anyway, this is my first post since the year turned. Happy New Year!!! :D

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