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Hunger Games Trilogy

The last few days our internet connection has been slow so I decided to spend my spare time making a dent in my reading list. I set aside An Echo in the Bone (Outlander book 7) because although I'm a big fan of historical novels/fantasies, the story is now focused on American Revolution more than historical Scotland, and historical America isn't exactly my cup of tea.

So I went ahead and started another book, the Hunger Games (the name of the first book) and thought to myself, just a few chapters, a few hours. Yeah right! I finished the book in 12 hours or so, which indicates how short the book is (less than 300 pages - you couldn't actually gauge with an ebook) but also on how good it is! I can't put it down. I've forgotten to eat, and bathe, and do my chores.

I slept afterwards, after I cried a little more. I would say book one is the most heart-wrenching of all. When I woke up the next day, I opened the next book. Oops.

I can't stop myself. I have watched the second movie, Catching Fire. I know what happens. So I can't use that as an excuse.

The second book introduces us to new characters. The other victors, whom they made good relationships with. They're all sorts of crazy. And up to the third book we will see how much their time in the arena has affected them for life. They may have emerged victors of the games, but it still seemed like they've lost because they could never be the same again.

Yes, there are also benefits, like being alive, and having food for the family and the community, but is it all worth it when every time you close your eyes you will dream of all those wretched creatures and things that are trying to kill you? Sometimes it feels like being killed would have been an easier path.

Aside from the nightmares, things like how Finnick's body (the district 4's victor) has been sold by the President to anyone who wants to have him. Or how the Capitol would continue to threaten your loved ones just so you will continue to serve their means. Or sometimes just killing them when they believe you have done something wrong.

Most of the victors have turned to alcohol or drugs to ease their pain and help them forget.

In book 3, the Mockingjay, the revolution has begun and we see district 13 as it is today - not the footage the Capitol kept using again and again to remind the citizens of the fallen district after the last revolution 75 years ago.

There are foul stuff going on in there as well, as the entire thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. But desperate people would accept anything, and it seems like the lesser of two evils. It's a good thing Katniss did what she did to the District 13's leader/new president after the revolution or else it would seem like the same story just with a different administration.

The ending, although positive, feels hollow. What happened to Katniss' loved ones and the characters that's grown on us, I just can't accept. Finnick!!! Why am I surprised that I'm rooting on Finnick (the hottest/craziest character)? Hahaha. That's just me. But Finnick has more screen time than Prim, or their mother, or Gale. I can't even remember Prim's face. It's difficult to feel loss for someone you hardly even knew.

And Peeta doesn't even care about his family. Haven't you noticed? That while Katniss was all worried about her family and Gale (her close friend), Peeta was only focused on Katniss. O_o I think his father is nice. And Peeta is known as the "nice guy". Just weird, I'm telling you. I'm blaming writer for that.

And more to blame on the writer: The epilogue was only focused on Katniss. What happened to everyone else who survived? Even Haymitch who lived next door wasn't even mentioned. :( I care about Haymitch too you know.

And I hate Gale. I don't know if I should blame the writer for neglecting to write about him, or if it really happened that we never heard from him again after he became a big shot under the new administration. Sheesh. I am team Peeta anyway, if there is such a thing. Which is funny because after watching the first movie I am team Gale. Katniss' relationship with Peeta is just so stiff and scripted. And also maybe because (actors) Liam is hotter than Josh? :/ Nyahaha. That's just me.

He's not hotter than Finnick though, so *pushes him aside* second priority. I am so weird sometimes.

But in the books, you can't help but like Peeta. Even the other characters like Peeta.

And speaking of Peeta. The name is weird. Especially in tandem with Katniss. Under modern couple shipping (worshipping?) rules, that's called Peeniss. :/ Sometimes I wonder if the writer intended for this to happen. Combining couple names isn't exactly a new trend. I even think that she might have thought "Hmmm, what if we have a couple named *enis? That would be funny." And then she concocted this story.

And really? The only human survivors are in North America? But the highest mountains are in Asia. And technology isn't bad in other continents as well.

Okay, I guess I should stop ranting and raving. The books are really good. Took three days to finish the three. But I won't say it's perfect. It's not like Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire where you would just be amazed at how well the author had woven the story. It's not like that. You would wish she wove it a little more.

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Eris Ed said...

Nice review, Do! I've been meaning to buy the set months before the 2nd movie came out, yet I was prioritizing my budget for something else. Maybe I can buy them next week (for Holiday readings :)) PDF just don't cut out for me. ^^,

Dawn Doneza said...

Thanks E. Yeah, it's really different reading with an actual book, but with my budget I think I'll stick to ebooks for now. Nyahaha.
Yey for holiday readings! I'm searching for mine too. Haven't decided yet. :)

beastinred said...

Hahahah! I can't stay away from this post. I know I have to react.
I read this back in 2011.. the books before it became a movie. lol.

Wow this book made you cry?!?!?! That's a first! I mean I didn't cry, when I read this book, I felt annoyed and pissed honestly. I feel like I want to go and kill the president himself. :D

And I am team Gale! (Because he Liam is indeed way hotter than Peeta ;) but I also don't like the ending. Gale vanished, but from the book he was like dishearted..broken since Katniss' sister died (if i could remember right)

I love the second book as it was really full of action, the third one pissed me in so many ways. That's why after reading the third one, I was torn ughhh and yes books can make me feel that way!! hahahaha..

Dawn Doneza said...

Yes. You didn't cry? Especially the part where she volunteered to take her sister's place as tribute and the others gave her a silent salute. :)

I'm with you with being annoyed and pissed. I guess that's the main emotions for the trilogy. Hehehe.

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