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Worst Morning Ever

This was one of those rare days when I wake up at 8am even though I went to bed at 5am. My elder brother is coming this weekend, so I have a lot of chores in preparation for that. Although, I do chores regularly, just not as panic-stricken as I was today.

It wasn't my best morning. Not because of the chores, but because everything has mortifyingly gone wrong. :/ First, there was a strong wind outside (which really uplifted my spirits) but toppled over our makeshift drying rack outside our window on the ledge. It was actually a real drying rack, it's just that the location is makeshift. :D

So, all my laundry (almost dry clothes) are lying on the ledge. And that ledge has never been swept and somewhat covered with dry leaves from a nearby tree. Good thing my clothes didn't get too dirty, I just dusted them and they seem okay. But not my brother's shirt. -___- Among the clothes I hung to dry was my brother's white polo shirt, and that one was more damp than the others because I laundered it at dawn. :/

So, off I went and spot laundered it, which didn't seem to take all the dirt out.

And then I learned that I haven't picked up all the fallen clothes yet. One was lying beneath a tree branch (the tree could actually creep over our window if we let it). That one I couldn't seem to reach, even with the help of an umbrella hook. -.- In the end, I went over that window to stand on the ledge and pick it up. The problem now is, I can't seem to get back in! From the inside, I had a chair to stand on. Argh! I was getting worried and embarrassed because I think people from across the street could see me there standing and trying to get in. It's a good thing though that there are panaflex signs along that ledge, as the ground floor consists of commercial stalls, so I wasn't afraid of falling. I was thinking of just sitting down there and waiting for my brother to arrive but then I remembered I locked the door from the inside. -___- And then I seriously contemplated crawling over to the neighbor's window and ask for passage and assistance there. Haha.

I finally got in (through our own window) by leveraging myself with our drying rack and some tree branches. :D

Wait, that's not all that happened this morning. Around lunch, I went out to find myself some food. I decided to go to Savemore which is at the next barangay. Just around 20 mins walk. :D I was almost there when I noticed that I have 2 different slippers on! O_o Most mortifying moment of my life! I've heard a few people laugh along the way but I never paid them any attention because I'm not self-conscious that way. Argh! They were actually laughing at me!

I have actually noticed while walking that one of my slippers are tighter than the other, but I just shrugged it off because I am a leftie and my left foot is actually a little bigger than the right.

They're different colors too! It was so blaring obvious! Argh!!!

So, guess what? I've got myself some new slippers. ^w^ I bought it at Savemore. I almost bought at the sidewalk vendor right where I've noticed this idiocy, but the vendor wasn't around. So I forced myself to walk into Savemore looking like a lunatic / hobo.

I even asked the cashier if she has some scissors and if I could borrow them. Lol! I was really desperate to get on those new slippers. Hahaha. Yeah, in hindsight it's pretty funny!

She didn't have any, and the bagger went and looked for some. I told the cashier it's okay and went to buy food at the food stalls and borrowed scissors there. :D

So what did I get from this horrible morning?

  • new slippers!
  • lesson to check myself before hurrying out the door
  • lesson to plan ways to exit / escape before going in *for the kill*
  • lesson to make drying rack foundations sturdier
  • that I am not a morning person
Lessons 3 & 4 ~ total brain lapse on my part. I mean, I should already know that.

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