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New Template + New Outlook

I've got a new template, y'all! ^___^ What do you think? Well, I love it. I hope you like it too. About time I change it cause I've been bored with the other one, causing me to lag at posting regularly. And if I did post, it's usually depressing ones. Hehe. Sorry! ^___^

With a new template hopefully a new outlook in life. Hurray! So stay tuned how I fare. Hehehe. It may be too early for resolutions but it's never too early to change when you feel like change. Right?

I hope I'm not blabbing into incomprehension. Lol. What a manic depressive I am such!

Anyway, for more news, which is causing me to be manic, I've been seeing some steady earnings on my other blog: Keep Calm and Beautify so if you're into cosmetics and skincare, I would love if you check it out. I've been working so hard at it. :D

I'm only earnings cents there, really. Hihi, not like I'm getting rich any day now. But it's still nice to be earning while doing something I consider fun. :D That's one reason why I think I'd work on this blog as well. It may not have a niche, except if you call manic depression a niche, so I might not be able to network this at all.

Be that as it may, I believe a change in perspective would benefit me. So, here I am! ^____^

That's all for my update. Wish me luck!

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Eris Ed said...

Good luck! :)

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