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How Friends Decided to Pair Off Monica and Chandler & A Pop Quiz!

In lieu of my recent post relating to the TV show "Friends", I have encountered this post online about how the producers and writers decided to off Monica and Chandler, and how the pairing almost never happened. We might have missed out a lot of funny scenarios if that was the case, and what more, they claimed that if the two never hooked up the TV show might have been cut short by 3 years!

This one is fun. A short quiz on some famous "Friends" lines. You have to guess by just looking at freeze frames of the show. Hahaha! And it's in a hangman type of quiz. :D I only scored 8/10 :( Shame. Let's see how well you do. Not that I will hold that over you if ever you do better than me. Hehehe.


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