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Jack of All Trades

You know I never really considered myself as an expert in anything, right? Even with my chosen field, I'm not among the best in design and in the arts. I'm like a jack of all trades, and a master of none. Sometimes I wonder what I'm supposed to be doing in my life.

I always thought my future is meant to be an architect. I've always wanted to become one. I've been mesmerized by home renovations shown on TV and I always wanted to do that. Maybe I chose the wrong course, or maybe I just didn't know what I was getting myself into. I suck at designing schools, airports, clinics. lol!!! I am not very interested in designing them, I'm sorry. *shhh, first time I ever confessed this.* It was houses I wanted to do (but even my residential plates weren't that good) and interiors of houses. I'm also passionate about green architecture and country style design (which isn't very big in the Philippines - or anywhere I think).

Isn't this house lovely? (Disclaimer: just found this on the internet) It's so warm and so laid back. Can't you see yourself sitting on that chair, reading a book?I love houses that feel this way (like Barefoot Contessa's home in the Lifestyle Channel) with lush gardens both in front and out back, wrap around porches and/or sun rooms, a loft and skylights. :D Oh my gosh! Even though I'm not much of an architect, I still feel very very much enthusiastic thinking about designing such a house.

Anyway, I have been doing some freelancing, online work like data entry, writing, some graphic works, but sometimes I feel a little hesitant applying for job posts. They're looking for experienced applicants, or someone who's an expert at this and that, and somehow I know I'm not. Argh!

There's this job where I have to write for $5 per 700-word article, it was good going the first week, I actually enjoyed it. The second week was way more difficult than the first. The editor became more strict with the writing style. The job post was for bloggers/writers so I was confident that I could do the tasks. But on the second week I keep getting a "please revise" message. Argh! She wanted articles that sound professional. -_- One article lasted me 3 days, and I got backed up with 2 more that was assigned to me on day 2 and 3. Perfect. One article was approved, but because I didn't follow the key word instructions, I wouldn't get paid. Thanks!

I quit that job just this weekend. That was too much work for a $5 (or $0 if they decide not to pay you). Plus you have to research the topic you've been assigned and I've been spending around 10 hours a day on it - just to not get paid, thanks again. -_-

I decided to focus more on Jave's kiddie book job. I have been enjoying doing that. I just wasn't able to use up all 10 hours a week limit because I have been preoccupied with the article writing thing. Writing a kid's story is more fun, plus designing the book, yehey! And the pay isn't bad either. $3 per hour, max 10 hours a week. Not bad I say.

I'm gonna search for more freelancing jobs online. Hehe. Christmas is fast approaching, I need moolah! :D

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Eris Ed said...

Hi Do,
I so get what you're going through. Aren't we all "jacks" in our own bizarre ways? There are so many things that I want to do, yet far from mastering any of them. I, too, think this title attached to our names belongs to someone else much more deserving? I still fancy doing an article for Bluprint or doing research about some old building or something. Anything related to journalism or lay-outing, which gets my blood all pumped up.

Good luck on your kiddie book, that sounds a lot of fun.


jugglethelife said...

Hi Dons,

Thank God you are enjoying the book thingie, at first I thought I am up for it but I just don't have the create juices like you do lol.. but really your creations were great.

But like you I also felt like I didn't know what I was getting into. When i took accountancy and economics, I thought I know what I was doing! lol and now I have been doing a lot of VA stuff and enjoying it. Hopefully I get to find a more long term client thought.

Dawn Doneza said...

:D Yey! Thanks for understanding +Eris Ed.

@jugglethelife: Is that you Beasty? hehehe. Thanks by the way for giving me that job. :D I'm glad you found a job that makes you happy. I guess we'll just have to trudge through life to find out what it is. Hehe.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to your new blog. :D

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