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Random Articulations: My City is Crumbling

Random Articulations: My City is Crumbling: Photo Credits: Day 13. It has been twelve days since this nightmare began. Even though I ...

My friend's post on the Zamboanga Crisis (we're both Zamboangenos). I always have difficulty expressing when it comes to sad happenings in life (happiness or anger is easy for me, but not sadness). But nonetheless I would like to share with you all this regrettable situation our hometown is currently facing.

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beastinred said...

for some reasons I have been very expressive about it on FB and I want to write something about it online, my blog but i tried and I can't.

It's hard to be coherent, it's harder even to start. It's too much especially when i still get to hear about the chaos, the gun shots now, mortar explosions.

Dawn Doneza said...

Yeah, I understand.

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