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The Princess and The Witch

I am still envious of Kate Middleton. How long has it been since the announcement of their engagement, when we finally heard of her and her almost storybook-like relationship with Prince William? Well, I'm still envious. lol. Don't get me wrong, I am not in love with Prince William, and never has been. But blame it on fairy tales and fantasies and most probably Princess Diaries that made us hope mere commoners like us will magically become princesses someday with just a shoe or a chance encounter in the woods (O_O) or getting to know an estranged parent. It was all FICTION! My head has gotten around to wrap that idea around it. You know that feeling, "Oooh, it would have been so cool to visit Hogwarts" or "I wanna be a wizard". Yeah, but we all know that's just wishful thinking. It's not gonna come true.

But it did for one lady. Kate Middleton. I'd be damned. Damned, amazed, shocked, envious, speechless(?).

I'm still envious of her. And not that "I will bring you down b***h!" kind of envious. I like her. And happy for her.

Why didn't I ever ask my parents to send me to England to study? *Just kidding! I will never survive.*

My long term boyfriend doesn't make me feel like a princess. He treats me like a woman. Like, roll eyes + "woman". LOL! Like when I'm moody or crabby or craving for sweets or salty, he just goes along with it like most guys do, knowing that's what most girls do.

And he never comes to my defense. The guy's an annoying Switzerland. Sometimes it feels as if his reputation is more important than my feelings, like he would shove me under the bus (was that the right expression?) when it comes down to it.

Some of my friends think I'm a total witch with him. Like I boss him around all the time and stuff. But he never complains! And much worse, he has never had an interest in taking the reins of our relationship, even from day one. He won't for the life of me decide what to eat when we're out. He bloody hell won't, and if I don't decide for us, then we'll starve.

He does complacently follow me though. Maybe to the corners of the world, even. And he caters to almost every whim and want. That is, if it's within the budget. :) Well what can I say? That's a big advantage right there. I have my own personal butler. Nyahaha.

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beastinred said...

What the! hahahaha! I pity your are you a sadist and you didn't tell me all these years?! (15+ freakin years) hahahhahaha! kidding.

But I have to admit. I also question myself if i am really my parent's kid lol but lookin at my dad, i am lol.. but well can't help it when i read those kind of books.hmmp.. oh well.

as for your bf you are lucky you know he follow you!!! lol unlike my husband ugghhh he sometimes disagreeeeee and how i wish i'll be pampered.

Dawn Doneza said...

LOL I am not a sadist! Wahhhh! I think of myself as a masochist sometimes actually, but no, not really. I guess that's just how girls sometimes treat their guy. I think. Especially if the guy allows it. :D Have you seen Kyth's posts on FB about her husband? LOL Those were hilarious.

I didn't know you thought of yourself as adopted. That's weird. But then again, your father was very strict I'm sure any right minded person would think that.

Books really are amazing. But they sometimes get to us, right? Make us think things we don't usually think about.

I know I am lucky! Wouldn't have stayed with him for so long. But sometimes I want a little passion, a little charm, echos, even a little bickering.

LOL Your husband is also the strict type? They did say that you usually marry the person similar with your father.

We are both lucky in our guys because they're loyal to us after all these years. ;)

beastinred said...

hahahha Not really, Jeff is not THAT strict, he gives me that much independence when i think of it. he lets me go out naman diba? he would let me buy stuff..just that how i wish he is one who would surprise me with stuff, like trip to Europe? hahahahha! but really.. or like what you have said a bit more passion.. like what we read in books!

I think we just read tooooo much. :P

true they are loyal and here we are complaining about them. hahahaha!

Dawn Doneza said...

O_o I almost choked on my coffee at the mention of Europe. lol. That would be quite a surprise indeed.

Yes, we just read too much. That's the downside of reading, don't you think?

Dawn Doneza said...

Now thinking back about it, I definitely disagree. How could you think I'm a sadist? I just told you he would push me under the bus if given the choice between his reputation and mine.

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