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Uneducated Admin

It's funny how one financial lending company could be so offended by a "beating/conductingremark. Wala naman yung kinalaman sa pagpapalakad ng kompanya nila. (It has nothing to do with how they run the company) And it's not as if it was against the confidentiality of clients? But now that they can't get over it, causing all this conundrum, and even to the point of doing exactly what they were complaining in the first place - opinions posted on facebook (they are remarking about it on facebook too, lol!), I have to say that it has INDEED changed my perspective of the said company and its administration. Boo!

What do you guys think? Do you think it was fair for my friend to be on the hotseat for more than a week, threatened with a memo, asked to make an explanation letter, only to be quoted later on the manager's wife's facebook page, and not to mention the bullying from the entire admin just for a simple remark posted on facebook about the conducting of the doxology in one of the company events? What's that got to do with the company, actually? Is it wrong to comment "What's the purpose of conducting if the conductor's beat is wrong and everyone else is singing regardless?" What's that got to do with a financial lending company? Tell me.

These people just like to stick it in your face that they can do anything because they're administrators. They're even making their own rules. It's too funny but I'm still fuming anyway.

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Kate said...

Amazing post! Would you like to follow each other?

swirlz said...

Seriously? Did you even read my post?

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