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Not Your Ordinary Table

Who makes up these stuff? And why can't I think of these things? I am such an old fashioned twerp.

Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? Amazing right?

It isn't even your typical square-turns-rectangle expandable table. This table has been well-thought out. The cuts are geometric and it makes it look like a piece of art while on the process of transformation. And you can't even see where the edges meet. I am so blown away.

I've watched this again and again trying to find some inspiration, but all that popped into my head is "Girl, haven't you gotten dizzy by now?"

Question: How do you know which part to push and pull? Especially when trying to downsize it?

Hey wait a minute, another puzzler. I didn't know you could use clips for a GIF file.

Image credit: Someone from Google+. Been shared so many times you can't pinpoint its original source. But if you could read those characters watermarked, then please do share it with me.

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