This is Dawn's personal blog. The blog name Orchids in Formaldehyde hints of sweetness and darkness in her views. A paradox of perspective that is sometimes confusingly unpredictable.

Back at Manila

First day back at Manila. It's Maundy Thursday. There's nowhere we can go to (which is usually a mall) so instead we went to a park. That's caye and I strolling through QC Circle til I got blisters on both feet. :(

It was fun though. Not our usual outing.

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chronicBlabber said...

You cut your hair?! If you wanted a change, you definitely got it! You look more like mama now...

swirlz said...

Haha. Kuya said I look like Auntie Marlyn. He keeps getting taken aback when he sees auntie in his room. lol!

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