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Butterflies Leaving the Cocoon

We found 3 mariposa butterflies by a cocoon on our guava tree this morning. Isn't that cool? They've finally left their cocoon. It's been a long time. We have been noticing fat, green, squishy caterpillars for about a couple of years now, and though we've seen them become cocoons, this is the first time we've seen them "hatch".

And now I'm wondering, why is it that there are 3 butterflies to this cocoon? Is that possible?

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Anonymous said...

oh my dawn! gross lol! i have seen one mariposa when it went inside our house!!! GROSS!! lol it was laying eggs on the plants..hahahah i am scared of them.

swirlz said...

you're scared of them?! but they're butterflies, big butterflies. i'm always in awe of them. hehehe.

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