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Earn thru Sharing in Social Networks

I've been a member of Mylikes for like a year now, but I've never really earned from it. It is US-based, you see, so most links they have are for US clicks only. It is pretty depressing actually.

But just now, I've heard of a Philippine-based site that offers the same. Churpchurp! #phchurpchurp

How do you earn from them, you say? Well, they give you links and you share them through your social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. When people view them, you earn.

Finding one in my own country assures me that I'll get the links that are creditable by my clicks (which is Philippine-based) and I'll get paid with my own currency.

The problem with foreign earning sites is that there could be trouble with the payment process. Of course, there's paypal. But other sites don't offer them, thus making you wonder how to cash-out your earnings.

Churpchurp pays thru cheques. Though this used to worry me with foreign sites, I know this isn't a problem here in my own country.

Join me now! Churpchurp

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