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On Faith & Sin: Where do you draw the line?

Due to recent events, i.e. my Board Exam, I have been a bit more spiritual than usual (I can't say religious, I haven't gone to Church). This post I found while dillydallying in the internet just reminded me of that. I haven't been to Church for a while and I feel like my faith isn't as strong as it used to be. This I've read on the first paragraph and it got me hooked. So, there are people like me... Good to know.

Which brings up the topic that we are sinners. No one is expecting us to be perfect, even how religious we are. Or maybe that was just my excuse when I thought back on all the years I've sinned and felt like I'm losing my way because of not visiting Church.

The post also mentioned a hateful man the author encountered. He was supposed to be quite religious, posting quotes and verses all the time. The hate was a shock, but do we have the right to judge him? His words were spiteful. But remember that he is a sinner, just as we are.

;) That means I do can judge him. LOL! *If you're getting confused, read my title again* His words were indeed mean, even downright murderous. So it's okay to be offended, even if those words weren't targeted at you. If it were, then better call yourself a lawyer (and/or a bodyguard).

So where do you draw the line? What is the measurement of how faithful you are? Because I know even the devout have sins too. Could you say that sin is okay as long as you're trying your best to control? Is control the deciding factor then? Does sin even has anything to do with faith?

P.S. Hate is contagious. Be wary.
Though it can also be cured.

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