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The Day That Was Figuratively Mine

It may have started weird, and it also ended weird, but the in between was fun. For starters, it was a national holiday (Chinese New Year-probably the government doesn't want to incur the wrath of the wealthy Chinese businessmen) so I could actually celebrate the day instead of waiting for the weekend for some people to actually have time for me. :D

I got two cakes. :D One from my brother and the other was from Caye. I'm guessing it's probably because I'm obsessed playing Bakery Story on my phone. That's all I ever do now. Lol.

We ate cake for lunch. Haha. We have no refrigerator here at our place so it's not like it's gonna keep, and besides... cake! Who can resist pigging out the minute one gets a hand on it?

Obviously we can't. See we already stabbed it with forks before we got the idea of taking a picture first. Really, an online life really takes the fun out of going for the kill.

This cake from Mary Grace was super yummy. Yummier than I expected since it's chocolate and I'm not a fan of chocolate. Chocolate Truffle was the name or something. The icing has a unique texture, like fudge, and although it's too sweet, it doesn't make me gag.

This is the cake Caye brought me. A dedication cake with a candle from Red Ribbons. I feel like a kid with this. Flavor is mocha, which is one of my fave flavors.

We went out later that afternoon since it's the end of the month, thus payday, thus huge sale. There was a huge sale at Home World so I decided to check out some drawers because all my things were strewn everywhere. Nightmare.

We decided to eat at Old Spaghetti House for dinner and that's me going straight for the kill again. Hehehe. It was still hot. I had lasagna while Caye had the golden chicken with spaghetti. The chicken was delicious, I took a bite from his plate. :D It had ham and cheese along with the chicken inside the crust.

So home we went towing the drawers I bought. I still had to blow my candle before the day is done. Unfortunately, the guy doesn't want to sing the birthday song even if it was just the two of us. :/

The place was really a mess, especially after I bought home the drawers, there's hardly any space left for walking. So when Caye went home, I got the urge to clean the room to make space for my new furniture. :D At 10 o'clock at the night of my birthday, I had a general cleaning. By myself. And up to elbows in dust and garbage and vermin skeleton. :/ I finished at 3am in the morning. And then I ate cake. :) It was a weird way to spend a birthday but it was an accomplishment, so I didn't feel so lousy at all. Like it's an omen that there'll be good things to come this year, I can feel it. :)

And here's the finished product. Hurray! More floor space. :)

And thus the day ended. :)

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beastinred said...

goodness!!! should not have look at the cake pics lol now I am craving for those ahahaha was it as good as the pic?? ughhh

Dawn Doneza said...

hehehe ask your hubby to buy you one. :) yup it looked as good as the pic. :)

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