This is Dawn's personal blog. The blog name Orchids in Formaldehyde hints of sweetness and darkness in her views. A paradox of perspective that is sometimes confusingly unpredictable.

The First Time I Broke A Gadget

Lookie here, my newly bought tablet (which came as a bundle with a postpaid internet) broke after a week of use. :( I have never broken any gadget before. I usually take really good care of them. This one though accidentally slipped my hand and even just a distance from my bed to the wooden planked floor, the glass was smashed to pieces and the aluminum back chassis separated from the device. Hmmm shobby quality I tell you. I've seen a lot of devices falling at equal or more distance, like Caye's GPad  and my sis' HTC phone from a couple of steps up the stairs and those didn't show much damage. :-( Hmmm served me right to trust an unknown brand I guess. But still, I feel bad for the device and for my money as well. :( Grrr.

I have to tape it up so I could bring it safely to wherever I'm going to have it fixed.

Sadness really.

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Quick Update

Eeek! I haven't posted for so long. I have so much to post.

So just a quick update.

I am now living in Bukidnon. Came here last May, then went home to Zamboanga to facilitate the move, then after a month there came back here to Bukidnon just in time for my sister's wedding. Like I arrived exactly on the day, didn't even get to bathe :/

After that wedding, visitors went home to their respective homes, and my sister and her new hubby went back to Cebu where they've established as their home.

A month from that, my mom, sister and I went after them in Cebu to help out with the household and stuff and after 2 weeks my sister and I came back here in Bukidnon to take care of our father and niece because my mom would be staying longer in Cebu.

Thanks to my friend Javie, I've landed another online job with is taking up most of my day now, lol. *not really*

I'm busy with chores as well. :)

I miss going to the mall. :( There's no mall here.

I think I need shopping and Happy Lemon's green tea with rock salt and cheese to keep me sane.

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The Move Part 2

After arriving here at Zamboanga last Tuesday, we set to work right away packing up the entire house for my mom and niece's move to Malaybalay. They were in a hurry because classes starts the following week and Desari has been enrolled for 5th grade at the public school in Malaybalay.

Here are pics of the clean up process and a remembrance of how the house once was. :/

Desari's orangutan pose. Could be the next new thing?

Packing some stuff for the cargo van to take

The room in it's last stages of disarray

Starting to pile up stuff for the designated storage room

The plates were one of the most difficult to pack. We stored them in sturdy pails.

Short interlude to the constant packing. Snack time consists of just a piece of sandwich and a sip of iced tea.

Desari or Desdel?

We can't find boxes, so mama resorted to sack bags like this.

I found this among the stuff jam packed in my room. Why do I find this so funny?

Loony Balloony the 2nd. He/she is keeping me company in my room. Hehe

This after mama and Desari left. I was tidying up the place while having coffee, and I was about to take mama's small white chair away when I realized that the setup might never be seen again.

The following day, after I tidied up the computer table and drawing table. Can you remember which items I have stowed away?

The storage room almost full. Keropi still isn't happy.


Almost bare.

Divider is also bare.

Hey it's mama's kalamansi! And I got first pick! It's just too bad that she isn't around when we discovered the fruits of her labor. Hahaha

And it's huge!

Spot the kalamansi

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The Move Part 1

The month of May has been very hectic for the family, especially for me, since I was the one assigned to help with the moving, and I have to travel from Manila to Bukidnon to Zamboanga, then back to Bukidnon.

The move has long been planned, around 5 years ago when my father, having suffered from stroke and forced to resign, decided he doesn't want to be here in Zamboanga anymore. Maybe that's just how old people are, they long to go back to their homeland (which is Davao in his case) for their retirement.

Although the "place" where they would eventually end up was changed many times, from Bohol, Davao, Cebu, and Bukidnon, it had finally settled on Malaybalay, Bukidnon because of the temperate climate there and the accessibility to Davao City.

For some particular reasons I can't divulge, and probably some I may not even be aware of, they are moving now. As in this month. :) Last month actually, it's now the 1st of June. Lol.

So off I started my month of May packing for a fast break vacation to Malaybalay where my eldest brother's family dwells. I spent my few weeks there with my youngest sister who came directly from Davao (just recently graduated from college and haven't taken the next step in her life path - so could spare us some of her time) and my father who was staying at my in-law's place until my sister's arrival. They had already rented a house when I arrived. You can see pics of that house in my previous post.

Since the place was too small for us, thinking more family members are to arrive (for vacation and other purposes) we have to get another house, something bigger and hopefully cheaper for us.

We finally found one, just along the same street we have been living. It's an old ancestral house, 2-storey, made of concrete and wood and dust!

I spent my 3rd week, my last week, in Malaybalay cleaning the house, packing our stuff and moving everything (with the help of course of our in-laws).

This is what the house looks like:

Ate Naima by the living room

The living room and the front door

The front steps leading to the house

The second floor hallway is open to the living room below

There's stairs by the dirty kitchen leading to the bedroom at the back. My brother took that room for his family.

The hallway and stairs

The windows by the stairs frames the huge pine tree across the street

That's my sister and I and our niece and nephew

Danara, ready to go out

A rainy week. We can hardly clean up the lawn and all the trash the previous occupants left behind.

Yellow obsession!

Danara wearing my sister's "what-you-call-it" kimono-like attire. :D

Superman in Wonderland
I still slept on the floor. :P

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3 Weeks In Bukidnon

Just random photos of my stay here in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

Sister Dee at the living area of our rented house

Kitchen and Dine

One of the bedrooms where my father sleeps

The other bedroom where my sis and I sleeps. I sleep on the floor. :\

We had this dining arrangement for just a day.

Crumpled bill looks like a froggy!

My pink and orange laundry

Our nephew Danny spent the afternoon with us watching cartoons on our laptops.

The front lawn. There's a pine tree which amuses us because it's rarely seen on most parts of the country.

Danny and I

With relatives

My father watching tv and passersby

The table after we covered it with wrapper and plastic

Cats feeding on our leftovers

Chicken pox


That silly face

Niece Danara

Sister and "Wowa"

I'm gonna bite you!

Kiddy time with Kitty

Horses by the side of the road. That's a carinderia/cafeteria beside it.

Walking home from the market around lunch time. Isn't it so peaceful?

Spear-shaped ice

Champorado made with tablea and topped with evap

Blue blue sky
I'm heading Zamboanga next week, so expect more photos of stuff happening there (just within 10 meters radius from me hehe). I also have a couple of videos I'm hoping to upload. The internet is so slow here, so who knows when I'll get it done.

Have a nice day and thank you for checking my post. :)

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