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Spammers Stay Away!

"Nice post! Wanna follow each other?"
 "Amazing! I currently have a giveaway on my blog. I would love if you check it out."

I've been blogging for a long time but it's only recently that I've encountered this new breed of spammers. I'm not sure if it's because they've recently been evolved or if I was just personal blogging and hidden away in my remote corner of the web for so long. It is when I've started my beauty blog and met more bloggers, that I've encountered such creatures.

At first I was ecstatic! I have comments! "Of course I will follow you. Of course I'll join whatever giveaway or cult you want me to join." All because of the gratification of being given attention by strangers. Ha!

But these spammers never came back after the "follow operation". I've never seen them again on my blog. And you would know they have this modus operandi because when you check out their blog, their comments section are full of "followed you, now follow me back?" comments.

Whatever happened to genuine posts and genuine comments? Whatever happened to having genuine readers who enjoy reading your posts? Is blogging really all a numbers game?

As much as I would love to have a lot of followers, I still wouldn't prefer it in exchange for having readers who come back because they have connected with me. I don't need your face on my sidebar if it's all for show.

If you can't relate to my posts, then why are you following me in the first place, dang it!

You can't even find time to write your generic "Nice post". Or is that just reserved to those who you want to fool into following you?

My posts on being sad and depressed get "Amazing post!" comments. Like really? That's all you can say? And I've read on another blog where the blogger just came from the hospital and blogged about her ordeal, and someone commented "Nice post" or something. You creatures are low. Either you didn't read the posts or you just didn't care for anyone except yourself. Deeply disappointed.

There is another person who keeps coming back on my beauty blog to ask for "follow for follow" and "join my giveaway". She has been there about 4 times? I don't understand why she won't just follow me first if it's so important to her. Right? Anyway, she did leave a genuine comment in one of my posts, so I'm on the fence whether I will or I won't.

And last thing. :D *evil grin* Those I've followed who operates this way? If I haven't seen them on my blog after I month, I un-follow them. Hahaha.

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Tina Stefanovic said...

This is a reply to your comment on my blog.
Firstly, the fact you read words ''don't spam'' doesn't mean you've actually read my whole post. If you did, you would know that ''don't spam'' referred to the number of comments and not so-called 'fake comments'.
Secondly, as you've been in the blogosphere for a while, you know that there are spammers on every corner, as you could see on my giveaway post... This means that there were spammers, there are spammers and there will be spammers.
Thirdly, sorry if my invitation annoyed you... However, the giveaway isn't something I do because of myself, but because of the people who are interested in competing, trying their luck, winning and choosing their prize at the end. So, it was my wish to help you and give you an offer, but you just don't appreciate it. That's fine, not all of us can be grateful for caring.
And finally, as your comment, in which you accused me of spamming, was rude, untrue and had no connection to the post, it has been deleted.
Plus, if you have a negative opinion, or you don't have opinion at all, sometimes it's better to keep it to yourself instead of sharing it, because there are people, like me for example, who won't tolerate it.
I hope you understood what I wanted to say - if you don't like my comment, delete it, ignore it or whatever, and don't visit my blog trying to indispose me and my readers because you're not gonna make it.
Keep it positive, because you are too young for that amount of hate :)
Take care.
xo, Tina

Tina Stefanovic said...

P.S. You know what they say: 'If you can't make somebody's day, then don't try to ruin it'.

Nuraini Munira J. said...

Hew Dawn! How is it going? Enjoying your Sunday?

The thing is, I've been experiencing this as well, and like yourself, since I started my beauty blogging. For me, probably because I'm new in beauty blogging, I don't wanna be mad about this.
I honestly check every comments dropped in my blog and it's really nice to see nice comments i.e. REALLY responding to what I was posting.
But I do have those comments like "Amazing!" Which I'm okay at first, then "Nice post!" and then came this one comment saying that "thanks for the nice comment in my blog and follow me blah. blah. blah." from a fashion blog that I didn't visited.
I was no AM frustrated at first, but I guess I'm just gonna ignore it. Not worth my fingers to type and reply!
People (who cares) will see that those are the comments I don't reply to. indicator that they're spams! hahaha

Anyway, all I'm saying, I agree to everything you said above except the fact about the invitations to giveaways. hehe. I love joining giveaways. :) But of course, if giveaway invitations or so unrelated comments in my "I'm Depressed Get The Hell Out of My Sight" post on my personal blog, then I will just delete the comment and send emails/comments to the person saying how they're being inconsiderate human being.

xx, Mira |

Dawn Doneza said...

Hi Mira! Thanks for understanding. Sunday was great. Today, not so after reading the comments above. Lol. She spammed me then got angry when I left her a genuine comment. :D At least I got her to exert a little effort in leaving me one too.
Anyway, I do enjoy giveaway invitations like you. My sidebar in my beauty blog got too many banners now. :)
I had every intention of joining her giveaway that's why I visited her blog. But when I read on the post "Don't spam" my temper hit the roof because it's totally unfair for her to say so when she had just left me with one. Still can't get over it. :/
Anyway, I hope you had a fun weekend too.

Dawn Doneza said...

She still didn't read my post, did she?
And she should really take heed of her own advice. Especially the one about not having an opinion. *roll eyes* If she had an opinion, I wouldn't have called her a spammer.

Nuraini Munira J. said...

whaaaatttt? okay, now I'm mad at that inconsiderate person!
Ugh, it's okay. don't let things like these get to us. hehe

haha *roll eyes* true. true.

oh well, you remember your weekends as an archi students right? we're on final project right now so yeah. it's been crazy for the past few weeks! My concepts were crushed like melons by my lecturer like twice. and we're having final presentation next week. Sigh~
Anyway, have a great week ahead! :D

xx, Mira |

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