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Gaga Over Cheesecakes and Peace Offerings

My bestfriend Javie and I have been going gaga over cheesecake this past couple of months. We have talked about it in our joint blog - and she had a post about it too on her personal blog - She had also gone the extra mile and gone to pinterest to look at more pics of cheesecakes and recipes (weird ones like nutella and green tea). What's more, I have seen Myrna's cake pics on instagram from my sister's friend who I happen to be following on instagram as well. It was a photo I think of an outing their barkada (my sister included) had last summer. So, it's like torture to be salivating all the time and not having the means to satisfy my craving.

So when Caye and I had a huge fight last weekend, and he was at the point of ripping all his hair out because he doesn't know (or tried) what to do to appease me, and I have to literally spell it out for him, we ended up with a cheesecake peace offering.

It was like "I'm angry, and you know I will be when you do this, but you did it anyway and you're not even sorry. Add the fact that you think I've gone insane, and you're not offering me anything as pampalubag loob, what are you expecting, that my anger will just vanish with a snap of a finger?"

I also had to point out that I wasn't on friendly terms with our friend Randy, due to the fact that he blatantly lied to me just to get Caye to a drinking session, making it seem as if it was a business meeting. He laughed when he learned I got angry at that, which pissed me off more. I was waiting for an apology of sorts, and it never came. Instead, he offered to buy the soap I asked him to buy the last time he went home to Zamboanga, to quote "para bati na kami". So there.

Having pointed that out to Caye, he immediately brainstormed for peace offering ideas, coming up first with chocolates even though he knows I don't like chocolates.

So we ended up with a cheesecake.

Tous les Jours sounded french but the website on the bag looks korean. I don't know. We passed this shop once in Cubao, and I literally ogled at the display. :D

This cheesecake is so-so though. I still want my Myrna's blueberry cheesecake, one of my top 5 favorite foods (as you will see if you visit :D This cake from Tous les Jours isn't as creamy and some parts are crumbly as if it's not a cheesecake but only plain cake. And I have no problems with a plain cheesecake, as long as it's creamy though out, but I would love if it has a layer of fruit in/on it. :D

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Shayne said...

nothing beats a really good cake peace offering ^^ from the picture i would expect it to be super creamy and soft ^^ heading to your other blog to check out the blueberry one :)

Dawn Doneza said...

Oh, too bad the picture I have their isn't the one I was telling everyone about that's from Myrna's. :(

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