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Boys Will Be Boys

A few weeks ago I bought a new mascara, the first one I ever have, and was excited to use it the next time I went out. I even made a review about it on my beauty blog. You can read about it here.

So naturally, when that day came when I have to meet my boyfriend, I was wondering if he would notice the difference. I mean, I do notice it. But maybe that's just me, because I was too focused on it.

Well guess what? He was trying not to look at me (I mean more than normal, he doesn't hold my gaze long unless provoked) What, I thought. Did he notice and felt shy or giddy since I already have fluttery lashes when I used to have non-existent ones? :D

So I asked him if he's noticed anything about my eyes. And that was only when he took a closer look. Boo! As it turns out, I was wearing a pretty low cut top and he can catch glimpses of my cleavage (I mean my non- /almost non-existent cleavage). O_O

Boys will be boys.

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beastinred said...

lol Caye!!!! hahhaa they don't even know what a mascara is Donna.. but they know well what a cleavage (and boobs) are. so :P

Eris Ed said...

"Pretty low cut top" trumps new maskara in any day! lol

Dawn Doneza said...

LOL! My bad... :D :D :D

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