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9 Years And Counting

I know I have made shared some relationship grievances in my previous posts, but this week I am proud to say that we made it to our 9th year mark. Hurray!

It was a simple date. Actually, it didn't go as planned (if there was a plan). I was late for the 5pm meetup, as usual. So, because of that I wasn't able to find any vehicle to take me to our meeting place (which is Cubao, which if you're from Manila you will know as a heavily trafficked place, some sort of a cross point for most people to get to their offices and homes). I asked Caye then if he would be willing to meet up in Eastwood instead. I live nearby and have been waiting for a jeepney outside Eastwood which proved impossible because of the onslaught of employees leaving work. Getting to Eastwood is easy, though slightly heavy with traffic, but surely there are jeepneys abound.

He agreed, although he had qualms with going so out of his way home. :/

I had time to browse at National Bookstore and call my mom, and even sat near a fountain while waiting. I know I have no patience whatsoever with waiting, but I could hardly blame Caye for being late. :D

He arrived and we decided to eat at Chicken Bon Chon. We are unfamiliar with the restaurants there, and they seem so expensive, so we went with a tried and tested resto / fast food.

The food was yummy. I had spicy chicken and he had spicy shrimps, but it was the dessert that I still can't forget. It was Mango Crepe, and it was served hot. It was like a peach mango pie from Jollibee, only without the pie and with such a bigger serving. It was also sprinkled in confectioner's sugar and some sort of sauce. :)

We exchanged gifts while we were there. I mean, I gave him a gift, and he gave me an excuse. :P

After that we went into a sightseeing / window shopping mode. :D We took lots of photos while strolling near a fountain near the Eastwood Mall. There's so few people around because it's a weekday. It is usually so crowded when we visited here at other times.

I have really good photos of Caye while he doesn't have any good ones of me. :/ So unfair. Boo Samsung Galaxy S4! Your high price tag has nothing on my mid range phone's camera. :P Here's some of the pics he has taken.

Before going home, we first had ice cream at DQ, our favorite thing to eat while hanging out. :) I tried the Mango Oreo Blizzard, and he had his tried and tested Double Chocolate Moolatte. We sat at a bench near the stage where a band is playing. The music was pretty loud, but it was okay. I recognized some songs they played.

And then we went home. He walked me to the nearest tricycle line and after seeing me off, he probably walked back to go to the jeepney line at the opposite entrance of Eastwood.

The End. :D

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Eris Ed said...

Congrats on your Anniversary, Donna & Caye! Wow! Our staged "walk-out" was 9 years ago?! I remember us walking along the highway, worried that Rochie might come after us, yet the two of you were HHWW with not a care in the world! Pretty neat! Lol!

Dawn Doneza said...

Lol! To be honest, I didn't learn about Rochi's threats until we arrived at Sewang's place. I thought we "walked-out" because the higher ups get to sleep in the cottage and they couldn't care less where we slept for the night. :/

Ah-Ha Designs said...

WOW Congratulations on 9 years! That's rare these days. I always like hearing how long lasting couples met. If you don't mind, would you please share?

Orchids , I nominate you for the Liebster Award :D

You can view the questions I wrote for you on my post.

Meghan B said...

Congratulations on your anniversary I loved reading this post :)
Meg xx (new follower)

Charlotte said...

congrats lovely!

ordaining serendipity

Dawn Doneza said...

I'll think about making that post. Hihi, that was so long ago...

Thanks for the Liebster nomination Ah-ha. :D

Dawn Doneza said...

Thanks Meg! :)

I'll check your blog out.

Dawn Doneza said...

Thanks Charlotte. :)

Jhanz A. said...

Congrats!!! Wow, you guys have been together for 9 years and that's really admirable. :)

Best wishes to you guys!

beastinred said...

9 years!!!! I am so happy for you. :)

And I am praying that the numbers will add up :D

that crepe looks delicious. hmp. seriously. and here i am eating an oatmeal. ugh.

Amelia Blake said...

9 years is amazing! This is so cute :)
Now following you!

Amelia x

Mia M said...

Congrats! I liked reading your post :) love the pictures too!
Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

Dawn Doneza said...

Thanks! :)

Dawn Doneza said...

:D I'm sure you'd get to eat something tasty soon. :)

Dawn Doneza said...

Thanks! :)

Dawn Doneza said...

Thanks Mia. :)

Shayne said...

awwww congrats on your anniversary dawn! :) me and my boyfriend are also celebrating it soon. pero mas matagal kayo thats why im saludo sayo sis :) btw you have two blogs?

Dawn Doneza said...

Actually I have 4 blogs. lol. :D 2 of them are co-owned with my bestfriend Beasty and my sister respectively. This is my oldest blog, though I have others older than this that I had deleted because they were so emo. Lol. The newest blog I have is the beauty blog. :)

Congrats in advance on your upcoming anniv Shayne! :D

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