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Adventure At Manila Ocean Park

This is a late post. The week I arrived at Manila was the Holy Week. It was such an opportune moment because we get to enjoy and relax during that last 3 days of the week. That Black Saturday we visited the Manila Ocean Park because my boyfriend has been wanting to go in years and that was the only chance we had to actually go.

Luckily there is a promo which we found on the internet. We have been searching you see, for any place here in Manila that's open during the holidays. Manila Ocean Park was selling a ticket of P500 for 5 shows. There were other denominations as well, for more shows accessed.

I didn't know there were that many shows. I only thought it is a place with floor to ceiling aquariums, possibly tunnels we can go through. But with our ticket, there was a sea lion pool, a jellyfish exhibit, a sea lion show, the larger than life aquariums and the fountain display before we went home. It was such a fun experience.

There was even restaurants and giftshops. It was like a large mall, but instead of a stage for functions or a skating rink, it has pools with live animals in it.

We snacked on a frozen yogurt. Which is what I've been wanting to try for so long a time. How cheap right? His is visiting an oceanarium, mine is frozen yogurt. Hahaha! But he paid for both tickets and yogurt, so I'm not complaining. We've also relaxed at the balcony by the sea, since the structure is built along Manila Bay shoreline.

Now, more pics of the scenery found in Manila Ocean Park.

Jellyfish Exhibit

Bleachers at the Sea Lion Show and Fountain Display

The hallway outside the main entrance. The exit of the stadium leads here.
That's at the bleachers after the show.
Caye by the Birds of Prey gift shop

The lazy shark resting at the top of the glass tunnel.

That's me pointing at the shark.

And tada! Fountain Show! We were already seated at the top bleachers, it's that high.

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