This is Dawn's personal blog. The blog name Orchids in Formaldehyde hints of sweetness and darkness in her views. A paradox of perspective that is sometimes confusingly unpredictable.

Kiddy Art

It's so cute! The swaddled babies look like hard boiled eggs cut in half. Haha. And the dog looks like a superhero. *that's his leash, by the way*

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chronicBlabber said...

Ooh, hard boiled eggs~ Now I'm craving for Aroz Caldo with eggs...

swirlz said...

Mama loves to make lugaw with eggs, so I'm sure you'll be eating some when you get home.

chronicBlabber said...

No chicken? It's not the same without chicken.

swirlz said...

Nope, no chicken. I sometimes make it into champorado. Desari puts soy sauce in hers. :/

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